My Experience With Conair Digital Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Hello everyone!!! Welcome back to The Selfish Column. Spring is finally here!!! I thought why not kick off the month of May with the latest hairstyling product that’s new to the market and super easy to use.  

As a girl who wears wigs and hair extensions often, I tend to get a little protective of my investments. I want to ensure the longevity of my wigs and extensions with limited damage. So, I have decided to add the Conair, 1” LCD Touch Screen Digital Tourmaline Ceramic Straightener into my get ready routine. Since 6 AM is my wakeup call *sigh* I need all the sleep I can get, and this straightener has saved me so much time in the last week.  

• New SMARTSCREEN Digital Touch Display

My relationship with Conair started when I was a young girl searching for my style identity. I remember being thirteen years old and looking for an affordable curler and straightener that would make my mother’s budget happy. Conair was the perfect brand at the time and their products stood the test of time in my household. As a consumer, I am always looking for longevity and quality when spending my money. I have flat irons and hair straighteners from Conair that have lasted almost a decade in my collection.   

Let’s talk about tourmaline ceramic and how it affects hair and hairstyling. Tourmaline prevents static and reduces frizz for silky and shiny hair. Three days after straightening the hair, it was still able to maintain the same style with little to no upkeep. Also, if you have watched my recent Instagram Stories you would have come across a post of me discussing that same result.   

The design also has a clip at the back to close the Straightener when you’re not using it. How GREAT IS THAT?!!!! 

• 9 precision digital heat settings

After reading this and or watching the video on my Instagram page @nancynywala, what are your thoughts on the new Tourmalines Ceramic hair straightener? Do you see yourself adding this to your collection? If so, what are some styling tips you can share? Leave your ideas in the comment section.   

As always thank you for getting this far on The Selfish Column.  


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