Nikon vs. The Rookie Photographer

Hope you enjoy my first ever amateur greatness photos. Does that even make sense? Who cares pictures!!!

Aviary Photo_130987686459418713

Aviary Photo_130987645609173709

Aviary Photo_130987670620935936

Aviary Photo_130987661050506617

Aviary Photo_130987639454119942

Aviary Photo_130987641148895207

Aviary Photo_130987657441200700

Aviary Photo_130987684094771797

Aviary Photo_130987667296693338

My fav coffee spot thus far!!!

Aviary Photo_130987780814884103

Clearly I have a thing for indoor plants.  🙂

Aviary Photo_130987676357625629

Aviary Photo_130987681637666444

For the longest time I wanted to buy a camera and go around the world and capture the beauty it has to offer, but like many of us I didn’t have the time or means to travel the world and do to all those great things. I also thought I needed a person to travel the world with. I mean, its not conventional to go places alone… right? so I thought.

So…………………….Time went by and I was still interested in getting a camera and capturing the world around us.  During a conservation with a friend, she said to me , why wait for someone to go out and do things you’re  interested in with, or better yet why wait to capture the world around “us”,  when the world is around YOU.

Right then, that’s when I knew I needed to start with the world around me,  because after all this is my interest.  The next morning I took my lazy uncooperative morning behavior self to the mall  (with a budget of course that usually doesn’t get followed….. like ever) purchased a camera and started to go places on my own. Uncomfortable at first, but quite fun. Cause look at me now,  I been at Starbucks for the last two hours playing with cappuccino and latte foam to get the perfect picture (lol). What can I say?  I’m easily amused.

Aviary Photo_130987687511829992

I couldn’t pick between the first shot or this last one,  I decided to post both finished edits up.



  1. crackmacs says:

    I need to get another Nikon. Mine broke 😦 They do some sexy colours.

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