Men’s Button Down Meets Girls’ Night


For this series I decided to showcase a little bit of myself in regards to my fashion sense. Truth be told this was a last minute outfit decision. One of my girl friends wanted to have a girls’ night out on Monday, which a I was totally down for because it was a place we both been meaning to try out. Due to the fact that I haven’t been there before, I didn’t want to over dress or under dress.

I go through phases with my clothes—- it really depends on my mood. I don’t want to be predictable, because there is no fun in that. I also find that being a student that’s budgeting for classes as well as my lifestyle, I need to be able to have pieces that I can mix and match with the current stuff in my closet. Trust me if it’s cute enough you will want to where it again. Like the saying goes “don’t go broke trying to keep up with others”.

Personally, I don’t believe in having favorites anything. Because what ends up happening with that, people tend to overload you with that certain item when it comes to gift giving (unless its cheesecake ,then I’m totally cool with all of it).But aside from this look the food was great and the company was better.

Hope you enjoy the look and thank you for visiting—–details below.

Shirt: H&M Men Collection

Faux Leather Pants: Top Shop

Shoes: Zara Canada

Bag: Kate Spade

Arm Candies: Forever 21

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  1. DW says:

    Good look – being unpredictable is a tool not many understand but very desirable!

    1. Thank you, DW, I love keeping a certain someone on their toes.:-)

    1. Thank you, I love to hear feed back from readers. S.C

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