5 Activites You Should Try Doing Alone

Recently I went to dinner alone and trust me, this was not something planned. This casual date night came after a long weekend of work and cleaning. I was craving Beef Carpaccio and searched high and low for someone to come with me. My one friend, who is usually down for the cause, left to “Vancity” and was having the time of her life. After searching high and low with no hope, I almost made myself dinner at home. I know, I know………. the tragedy that a woman in her mid 20s wants to cook. Yeah, I snapped out of that real quick lol (insert sarcasm here), and decided that I’m gonna take myself to this dinner alone. This craving was not going to waste, BELIEVE YOU ME. I decided to put my heels on, ooooh yes I put heels, and took a spot in the dining room section of the restaurant. The evening started off with an espresso Martini, then I followed it with water before it ended with a beer. I went all out for myself, because Mr. Perry taught me I can do bad all by myself.

After you get over the initial questions from the hostess and server about why you’re at their restaurant and if you’re waiting for someone and the petty encouragement party they give you, things turn up from there. If I got a dollar for every comment about how great this idea was and how everyone should do this, my meal would have paid for itself. Never the less, although the evening wasn’t planned, it turned out to be one of those moments us girls needed. During dinner I was able to reflect on a lot of things I been doing for work as well as took some time to work on my blog post. If I can use one word to describe how the night went, I would most definitely use, “Inspired”. I left with so my ideas for my blog and future endeavors that I stayed up and wrote all night.



Aviary Photo_131095291926076392

Aviary Photo_131095293093482252

Below I listed 5 fun things you can enjoy all alone. As always, thank you and see you all next week with a new post.

  1. Coffee Date:
    The benefit of doing something like this is that you can actually get yourself organized. Bring your calendar and notepad and catch up on your schedule and future plans.
  2. Gym Time:
    Listen here, were getting to old to be having people holding our hand through life. Everyone has their own fitness goals and usually it’s a personal one. The great part about this is, you can time manage yourself better without working on someone else time. Personally, I don’t think anyone will ever know my fitness goal of trying to get that “01” Beyonce body. (low key the one in the survivor video). lol
  3. Shopping:
    You know how quickly mall anger can occur, please save your relationships and go by yourself. I personally don’t think shopping is meant as a group outing, you’re always going to buy the opposite of what your friends suggest anyways. At least that’s how I make my decisions. I am also a petty person, I sometime disagree for fun. Save your friendships and “momships”, and go alone once in a while.
  4. Dinner:
    Because food is life, and I will never debate this. After my dinner alone, I felt liberated and also quite amused as to how nice the serving staff was to me. They thought I was this super woman and that it was cool that someone can enjoy their own company. What I found most interesting is that I was able to really enjoy the food as well as critique it without feeling like I was in an eating contest so that I can finish my conversation with the person sitting across from me.
  5. Sleep:
    As much as we love sleeping next to our significant others, or share beds during our girl trips, once in a while is great to have space to yourself. We all need a night where we can hog the blanket and just let loose.



  1. Reese says:

    Good read

    1. Thanks babe, hope you liked it. I have greats things coming up this month.

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