Sometimes, It’s the Outer Beauty That Counts


Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. This week I am talking about investing in your appearance. As women, we often find ourselves in the midst of so many products with little to no glue on how to use them to perfection. I am here to tell you there is no need to spend hours when getting ready, instead take one thing you love about your appearance and invest in it. I am going to be honest, I never caught the makeup bug… in fact if you see my collection you would feel sorry for me. I’m what you call a ten minute girl. Meaning if it takes more than ten minutes in the morning, I don’t want to be a part of it. As you can tell by the picture above I’m probably going to talk about my nails. Nails have become such a big part of my identity. There is something powerful about having fresh painted nails before heading out. Even on my worst days I feel my best when my nails are painted. I learned quickly I don’t have be a ten from head to toe to feel my best, instead I just have to find something I love about myself and master it. I’m fortunate enough to have nails that are naturally long which comes in handy when I go to the salon (20 bucks is all I need for shellac).  Below I listed 5 steps in which I discuss how take care of your nails.

  1. Even if they are strong give them a trim once in awhile.
  2. Shaping your nails square is the best way to keep them strong.
  3. Use gloves when you wash dishes (LOL my African would probably crack jokes on me for this).
  4. Get a real manicure every time a new season comes around (unless you have the time).
  5. Paint your more dominated hand first, it allows you to feel confident even if the nail polish is wet when you start painting your other hand.


Hope you enjoyed this little short post, see you all soon.


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