White After Labour Day?

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Hi everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. Hope everyone had great weekend doing whatever it is they love. Mine was pretty standard for the most part. I did a little bit of shopping, editing and went to one of my girlfriend’s birthday dinner. All and all it was a delightful weekend.

The outfit seen a above was quite simple to put together. As many of you all know by now I am the queen of lazy looks. I love to put pieces together that don’t need much to standout. When I first purchased this white dress I  was a little hesitant because I wasn’t sure where I can wear it. After bringing it home I started to play around with the belt hook on the dress and quickly learned it can be worn in many ways. For example if you want to have a more conservative look, all you had to do is tighten the belt hook. If a sexier look is what you’re going for just loosen the belt hook and maybe go bra less if you are brave enough. Just tape those bad boys down to avoid some unwanted attention… (if you know what I mean).  Another great way to wear this piece is abandoning the the dress idea and use it as a sleeveless vest. Hope you liked these tips, and enjoyed my look today. On Wednesday I will be writing about fun life hacks, hope to see you all back here.

Outfit Details:

Dress: H&M

Shoes: Nine West









  1. What a beautiful dress!!😍😍

    1. Thanks girl, really appreciate it. Have a great week.

  2. LENPARENT says:

    YOU ROCK, girl! Love your dress! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful day!
    much love, Len

    1. Thanks girl.. love your blog.

    2. Thanks girl, hope you have a great week.

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