Not Your Typical Self-Care Tips:

As we grow accustomed to the ins and outs of adulthood, we tend to forget the most important aspects of ourselves. The essence of who we are – the part that keeps pushing forward to achieve everything we’ve ever wanted. Every so often, we need to look at ourselves and ask if we’re doing okay. If we’re happy. If we feel fulfilled in what we’re doing. We might also have to contemplate the tough questions. You know, the “Am I becoming too comfortable?”, “Do I need an attitude check?”, “Am I really working as hard as I say I am?” Living alone has taught me so much about myself, and truthfully, I might have had too much time alone. During that time though, I was able to develop some skills to supplement my self-care regimens. Please see my tips below and let me know your thoughts:   

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Don’t Be Scared To Talk To Yourself: This is an absolute first on my list. Having positive self-talk and challenging your inner critic allows you to play so many scenarios in your head. My problem-solving skills have grown immensely with this practice. I’ve learned how to react smarter in various situations. Overall, I’m teaching myself to have a better outlook in life, which has resulted in me forever minding my own damn business. 

Don’t Stretch Yourself Too Thin: This goes hand in hand with the adage “work smarter not harder.” If we’re being honest here – I am still working on this one. I am still the girl that overbooks herself, which results in me running late to appointments, meetings and hangouts. This year, I’ve made a decision to make this my personal goal – to live within my means. When you stretch yourself thin and overbook your schedule, you fail to realize the mental strain this causes. 

Invest in Yourself: One of my all-time favourite sayings is, “There is no business like your business.” We live in a world in which we’re driven by instant gratification with no sense of longevity. If you have a goal, a business plan, a craft you want to turn into your ultimate passion; my advice is to learn what you can about that industry and invest time and energy in it. Ladies and Gents, hate to be the one to break it to you, but everything costs money – and you need money to make money. This means if you want to do something, make sure you do your research and budget budget budget! 

Take Care of Your Health: This year I made it a point to put my health first. Last year, I put my body through a lot, and I am paying for it this year. In January, I made sure I called my family doctor, dentist, and gyno to get all my necessary health checkups out of the way. The older I get, the more it hits me that health is true wealth. There are so many things in life and goals I want to accomplish that I simply can’t afford to let anything get in the way.  

Sit in Silence: Man, I can’t tell you enough how much I love sitting alone after a long day of work. Not in meditation, just simply turning off any stimulus and zombie-ing yourself out. I often drive home with no music to help me reprogram my brain before beginning a new task. I am that weird person that sits in their car after they park and just chills. (Even in the mall during Christmas shopping season – I am that horrible person people hate) 

I hope you found this post resonates with you or was at the very least insightful. I really enjoy discussing topics about self-care. Leave your thoughts below regarding these tips! 


Until next time Selfish Readers,


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