The True Cream Aqua Bomb Review

Hello, and welcome back to The Selfish Column my people. I hope your week is treating you well and giving you all the love you deserve. This week I wanted to share my thoughts on the Aqua Bomb Cream from the brand Belif. After months of testing this out, I have come to really enjoy this product and the benefit it provides for my skin. As the summer months approaches, adjusting my skin and makeup routine is on my mind. During the summer months, I look for products that are light, soothing, sheer, and breathable for my skin. The Aqua Bomb is perfect for that.

If you want to see how it works, please scroll down for more information. There is a video showcasing how light the product is. 

I have normal to oily skin, but this product also works on normal, dry, and combination skin.
It provides supports for uneven textures. Also great for prepping the skin before your makeup routine.
It’s a super lightweight gel texture that keeps the skin hydrated all-day long.    

Thank you for making it this far. Until next time Selfish Readers. 

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