The Local Space Summer Subscription Box

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Selfish Column. I hope you were able to live your best freaking life this summer. This last month I have been enjoying my time with work and my Local Space Box. What’s The Local Space, you asked? WELL, allow me to introduce you to one of Canada’s fastest-growing businesses. The Local business idea it’s quite simple, SHOP LOCAL! And what a statement to have after the year and a half we had. The lockdown brought together many of us, and one of them, especially for me, is supporting my local and or national economy.   

The Local Space provides local businesses across Canada with a hub to meet their customers. Suppose you are a person who loves to give a unique gift. The Local Space has a seasonal Subscription for the giver in you.  If you are interested in shopping I have you have covered with a discount code. Use Code NANCY10 for some cash off.

The box I received this summer had some survival essentials that I most definitely needed. Let’s get into it; let’s talk about what was in my box.  

Só Sunny: Nano SPF 30 Sunscreen: This Sunscreen applies so evenly and leaves no residue. A little goes a long away. 

Só Cool: Aloe Spray: If you’re on your feet all day and or outside, this is the perfect spray. The cooling effects from the mint match with the soothing feel from Aloe Vera and Lavender help with dry skin. The bottom of my feet loves this.  

Light-Weight Deep Moisture Lotion: This is a purse must-have!!! As a person that worked in the service industry this summer, I constantly had to wash my hands, even more so, due to the global pandemic. Keep this bottle nearby because it helps with those dry hands. This is something perfect for all seasons. Did I mention how incredible it smells? It’s like Pina Colada and Lime drink on a resort Vacation.

K Pure: K Pure is an All-Natural skincare lifestyle brand based in Canada.

Take a Hike: I took many walks around my neighborhood pond and pathways this summer. The Take a Hike spray came in handy during these early mornings and late-night walks. The oils keep your skins feeling moisturize without the grease. 

Sriracha Revolver: We are a hot sauce household; this bottle of chili garlic is the perfect blend of my two loves, Sriracha and Garlic. My significant other loves him some hot wings, and I love honey Garlic. This, a happy medium for us, especially me, because I make the wings! No more two batches.

Apple Butter BBQ Sauce I love making homemade meals; we are a household that enjoys staying in and making food. This BBQ sauce came in handy for the days I want to make a powerful, bold, and flavourful, easy dinner. This Apple Butter BBQ Sauce is a great addition to your oven creation or grill. I live in a condo, so the oven has been my best friend. 

Wexford Candles: Honestly, why do mosquitos even exist, just a whole lot of inconvenience for nothing.  My little Balcony has been the place to relax with the F*CK OFF BUGS candles. It sure made the drinks go down easy, too, hahaha. 

The older I get, the more I realized how important it is to give back to your local economy.  I am a sucker for the mom-and-pop shops and the unique gift ideas; this could be the Pisces in me, who knows. But after the year we had and the uncertainty we all struggled with, learning to shop local has been part of my vocabulary.  Having a one-stop shop like The Local Space can be your one-ticket stop to everything Canadian and unique.  

Use Code NANCY10 for some cash off!!!

As always, thank you for making it this far. Until next time Selfish Readers.  


  1. Beautiful images and well written, good read and thanks for the discount code as well.

    1. Thanks for stopping by girl. Also love your blog!

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