Fenty Beauty Bomb Posse Palette Review

Hello everyone, and welcome back to The Selfish Column. It’s November, can you believe that!!! 2021 is coming to an end? I seriously feel like I am still living in March of 2020, a never-ending Groundhog Day.  Now that I have gotten the awkward mention of the pandemic out the way, let’s get to business, the makeup business that is.

For the last two months, I have been testing some new as well some old makeup products from Sephora Canada’s top brands. This week I am doing a review on the latest launch from Fenty Beauty as well as some oldies from them. To get the scoop on some of these products please keep scrolling.


The first order of business is the latest Bomb Posse Eyeshadow Palette. In true Fenty fashion, this palette has all the catchy memorable names to go along with the colors.  If you are the girl or guy that goes for the everyday brown tones eyeshadows and wanted to slightly step up your look without completely changing the vibe, this might be for you. However, if you were looking for something that can give you that WOW factor, I feel like this palette might have missed the mark. The colors are natural, shimmery, and peachy; and if you look in your makeup collection, I believe these colors might already be in there. This is a great palette if you wanted to try everyday glam, but if you can wait to hold off until you finish your favorite nude palette, I wouldn’t be mad at that.


The second product that I am reviewing from the Fenty family is the Gloss Bomb Heat Universal Lip Luminizer. This lip gloss came out around the same time as the eyeshadow mentioned above. The Gloss Bomb never miss… like never. I purchased the Gloss Bomb in Hot Chocolit. I can always count on Fenty to give me the right gloss shade for my skin tone. I love this Luminizer because even with full lips, it doesn’t hurt to want more. The only thing I would change on this Gloss Luminizer is the tickly feeling effect when the plumper is working, at times it feels like my lips are burning. Less on this part would be great, I don’t have major sensitivity issues, but even at times, I find this to be too much. Aside from that, I recommend this Gloss Bomb becuase the colours are awesome.   


The last product is not new to the Fenty line, but new to my makeup collection. I seriously don’t know why I never thought of purchasing the Fenty Match Stix for Contour, especially since I was struggling to find the proper color. As a dark skin woman, contour products were out of the picture for a long time, because they were never dark enough (cough cough KKW). The color I purchased was Ebony which turned out to be the perfect match for me…. for now. With the right contouring color, your makeup game can go to a whole other level. This is a highly recommended product from me because you don’t have to work hard to blend it.


If you would like to watch my first initial reaction while trying these products on, join my YouTube family. Tap Here

As always, thank you for making it this far Selfish Readers.

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  1. oliveunicorn says:

    That gloss looks so nice ! ✨

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