Reasons Why Buying Yourself Gifts Works

This whole year I decided I would buy  myself a gift each month. These gifts can come in the forms of food ( cause food is life), travelling, shoes, household items, clothes, and of course books.

The benefit of buying your own gifts is that you always get what you want. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy receiving gifts, but there is something about working hard for something that is goddamn rewarding. I plan to not hold back and go all out for myself this year. Lets be honest, our birthdays comes once a year and there is no need to wait a whole year to have something you want or quite frankly need.  Think of the burden you put on those around you and the expectation you place on them. Unless the conversation was had before hand, there is no need for a grown person with a job to expect their friends and family to buy them something all the time. Notice I said EXPECT. We can not assume that the budget for ourselves is what everyone is working with. We are only responsible for our wants and need,  and that’s a fact.

Fun Reason Why Buying Yourself Gifts Works:

  1.  You always get what you want
  2.  You never have to wait for it; and if you do the wait can be so damn fulfilling
  3.  You can always return it without offending anyone
  4.  You can actually re-gift (guilt free) and you wont get caught (lol)
  5.  Cause you are allowed to treat yourself.


  1. A. Lazaro says:

    I’ll go buy myself something, like NOW. Ice Cream, chunky monkey maybe? 🤔… Yeah chunky monkey for sure.

    1. hahhahahah I swear you like my comic relief. Make me laugh so much. Please share with me next time.

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