Five Things Every 20-Something Year Old Female Should Do

This year hasn’t even ended and I feel as if I have gone through such a tremendous transformation. Most of those changes are mainly mentally and psychologically, you know… (the personal stuff). There were a lot’s pep talks and late night thinking after my birthday regarding what I need to plan for the next few years. Truthfully I went through a phase where I felt so low about myself and not feeling good enough about my accomplishments thus far. But in true fashion of me and my theme for this blog I got myself out this funk REAL Quick. I started looking at what  I can do,  instead of what I should have been doing.  As most of you all know by now following this blog I love making lists, it helps me clear my mind make my ideas clear. Below are a list of 5 things  I feel every female in her 20s (doesn’t matter what stage they are in) should consider.

As always thank you for stopping by. I will see you guys all next week.


1. Make a Meeting With Your Bank/ Financial Adviser:

Single or not, us girls need to get our finances in order, don’t be the girl that needs saving  from a man or anyone else to be exact. Get real with your savings. I think there is something damaging about all the work pervious women have done to get equal rights when I  hear another woman speak about a man as a walking a bank account.

2. Declutter your life/ Mainly Your Closet:

You wouldn’t believe the things I found in my closet after I started going through it. I had so many things I was holding on to from High school— I actually took stuff from my parent’s home and moved them across the country with me. Believe it or not I found jeans I bought in grade school in there. I mean I’m proud that it still fits, but also shows the amount of evolving I made since then. Sad when you think about it that way huh? … lol.

3. Take Trip By Yourself…For yourself:

Let’s not forget that we were born with our own two eyes. It’s only fair we put them to use while we can. How you  feel is not always how another person feels, same goes for what you see. I am always envious of those that constantly travel for work alone. They are forced to explore and learn about the places they are at.

4. Never stop Educating Yourself:

Whatever field you’re in or plan to get in, always educate yourself outside the classroom. It never hurt’s to learn about something you never heard about before. I think there is something powerful about bringing something different to the table.Knowledge is sexy and should NEVER be slept on. Check out your local bookstore next time you’re out. This blog idea actually came from a book I randomly picked up at bookstore three years ago.

5.  Start Using a Day Planner:

Let’s get real, some of us have that one day planner that looks cute but never have been used. We get so excited when the beginning of the year comes around and we buy day planners either for work or school only to realize that half way through the year it has not been used. Trust me, I was guilty of this too, it wasn’t until March (around my birthday) I became serious about this. I am all over the place —and if you’re like me open that day planner ASAP.




  1. Merve says:

    I agree 100% Nancy, Im proud of you and its the first time i read your blogs and I love them!!

    1. Thanks Merve, so glad you enjoyed my posts. 🙂 if you have any suggestion don’t hesitate to let me know. love ya,

  2. Pauline P. says:

    Hi! First time commenter! I agree with all your points. 1- it’s so important to plan your finances and figure out what kinds of credit cards or plans would be most beneficial. I’ve gotten a free trip to California once just on points collected from using our credit card. 2- I love to declutter. I prefer organization and it would be really great if you had an blog on decluttering/organizing tips or hacks. 3- I haven’t done a trip by myself but I regret not having done a girls trip anywhere during my 20s so far. It goes along with part 1 with not too many of my girlfriends having the cash. There’s so much bonding and memories that can be made. Guess I’ll have to wait. 4- an absolute must. 5- I’m still working on that so it’s so true when you brought it up that it’s a great way to be organized and makes you sort of accountable for the stuff you haven’t done. Like monthly accomplishments when trying to stay on a healthy eating path.

    1. Hey girl, Thanks so much for stopping, totally agree with you after reading your comment. There is so many things us girls need to do. I will defiantly work on writing a post on organization hacks soon. And girl your still young and have time to do a girl trip. or even a trip for yourself. sometime you have to go and do something that only for you. Thank you for posting. Keep it coming I like hearing your input.

  3. Reese says:

    YAS girl! I completely agree!

    1. Thanks girl. I’m all for girl power. You know how we do!!!

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