Should Makeup Influence Your Self Confidence?


Hello and welcome back to The Selfish Column everyone. Hope all is going well this week for all of you. I want to discuss with you guys one of the most popular trends of 2016. Last year we saw a rise of the no makeup look all thanks to Alicia Keys. I have read so many articles praising this movement and also read some comments criticizing it. Based on my research, I found that women were stating how relieved they were to see a star such as Alicia Keys taking a stand. Many women felt free and understood others felt unbothered and criticized Alicia Keys (myself included) for this. The reason why I felt so unbothered is because I never took makeup and the concept of it to heart. In my 25 years of life, I never looked at makeup as a way to cover up imperfections, seeing that the era which I grew up in and my worldview of it were cultural and not an insecurity. My personal belief is that makeup should be fun just like any other things in life and confidence should come from within. I know I know we hear this all the time and for some people, this can be difficult. But trust me when I say this… there is value in being your own cheerleader and most importantly there is value in being YOU. At the end of the day, whether you wear something such as makeup to make you feel better or anti-aging cream to keep the skin youthful, we all must see a value within ourselves first. The reason why I feel so compelled to state this is because I have never looked at makeup as a major part of my life, truthfully I don’t know much about makeup. Just ask any of my friends about my makeup collection and they will tell you that it is SAD. I have been using the same technique since the ninth grade and my knowledge of my makeup believe it or not is sub par…. VERY LIMITED. Due to not focusing so much on this allowed me to feel free and find other ways to boost my confidence. I learned that my confidence comes from my ability to feel useful, to gain knowledge and be intelligent. I am such a workaholic that I find myself feeling low and down about myself if I’m not useful or working. The thought of being ignorant and not being able to contribute in discussions weighs heavier on me than whether I’m wearing makeup or not.


By now you should know where I am going with this. Having makeup will never change what’s on your mind, but it will always be a way to express yourself. I don’t see Loreal, Covergirl or Mac going out of business anytime soon. So do what makes you happy GIRL.  I am a girls girl, I love women and I think we are beyond powerful than what society portrays us to be.  We are not these simple creatures that paint our faces and pout our lips for pictures, I refuse to think we are that simple that we need a such a movement in our society.

I end this post by saying don’t sweat the small stuff. As women, we are part of a far greater purpose than to be concern about who is wearing makeup and who is not. Anyone can wear anything….. HECK we were clothes everyday right?  but it will never be what you wear or put on that leaves a lasting impression but rather how you express yourself. I would much rather see the world that is full of dedicated, hardworking, independent, thinking, knowledgeable women who wear makeup than the world that is so focused on tearing others down for putting makeup on.

If you made it this far thank you. If you are visiting for the first time thank you as well.

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  1. Yk says:

    That was a good read. Its tough to speak as a man on this but the thing that stands out to me in your post is the patriarchy present all around. It is so difficult for a woman to define herself independant from what society says she should be, and make up is but one of many different ways society controls us. It’s much easier for me, and I make judgements of people’s makeup too, which makes me a part of the problem. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and reading this post. It can be difficult trying to find yourself without losing yourself in societal expectation. Thank you for noticing.

  2. stylzbykattz says:

    Great post !! I think that self esteem has a lot to do with this stigma they put on women and makeup , once women understand that makeup shouldn’t be used to feel pretty cause we are all pretty in our own way it is used to just enhance Wat u already have .

    1. The topic of makeup is so difficult but you baby girl is one beautiful woman without any enhancement. thank you for reading. If you have any thing you would like to read on this blog please let me know.

      1. stylzbykattz says:

        Aww thank u appreciate the kind compliment ❤️ keep the posts coming

  3. Nebe Stella says:

    I’m Nebe Stella, my thought to makeup building Confidence are ; Makeup makes you classic for occasions but it makes me look old , so I reduce doing it, Makeup looks colourful to images & its a sign of artistry work, I love art. Pls i hope I won the giveaway @smile_Nebe

    1. Right, that’s my point make is not there for judging or lack of it either, we as humans are colourful beyond imagination.

  4. OLUWATOYOSI says:

    Aww,lovely I hope I win tho 🙈🙈… I’m confident with or without makeup I don’t let what people say get to me … I hope I win this gift from you instagram-@_princess_yosi facebook-yosi Steph omisore .
    Thank you 😘😘😘

  5. Reese says:

    I HOPE I WIN!!!

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