New Year Recharge With The Selfish Column

Welcome back to The Selfish Column loves. Its a new month new day and new YEAR!!!. It is 2018 Y’ALL 2018. It seems like yesterday that we entered 2017 and were setting our goals for the months ahead of us. I have always said that 2017 was over itself before we ever were. This blog post is all about how to get on the right foot this month so that the rest of your 2018 can be somewhat smooth.

The last month of the year is always the busiest for most people. Christmas holidays and New Years tend to have people on the go that we somehow begin to neglect our own lives.  So how does The Selfish Column get back on track? What are some tips that The Selfish Column can share with you? Well look no further scroll down and check out my latest tips.

  1. Declutter Your Mind and Start Planning:  A clear mind makes for an organized life. I use my day planner to jot down my work schedule, meetings, deadlines, and dinner (or breakfast) dates with friends. Leaving my head clear and free to be creative.
  2. Declutter Your Space: If there is anything that can make me feel claustrophobic is a messy closet. If my clothes are disorganized I legit feel and look like I have given up on life. When cleaning out my closet abide by the rule of thumb “if you haven’t worn it in a year, there is no reason it should make the new year”.
  3. Expand Your Mind / Further Your Knowledge/Exercise That Brain: The first month of the year should always be considered a fresh start. Commit to building on current skills and learning new ones. I learn best by reading.  Picking up a book not only provides a new perspective on a topic you enjoy but enhances your current knowledge. (The book I’m currently reading is by Bob Burg and John David Mann “The Go-Giver” )
  4. Focus on Completing One Task a Day: As adults, it is no surprise that we can get caught up in the hardship of “adulting” each day.  I am not perfect after all, we’re just human and LIFE HAPPENS.  Getting in the habit of aiming to complete one task a day from beginning to end, will be beneficial in the long run. My advice is to write one goal each night before bed and place it on top of your list when you wake up in the morning.
  5. JUST DO IT: There is no other way to say this. And no it’s not a Nike plug-in, but a get-up and go for IT moment. IT can be anything you want, need, desire or love. The only way to start off on a good note is to let go of all the excuses and doubt you had in the past year and just go for it. With no excuses or fear. That book you wanted to write, Just Do It, That Business plan you wanted to draft, Just Do It, That trip you wanted to go on, work toward it and Just Do It. Make 2018 the year to JUST DO IT.


Hope you enjoy reading this post. As always leave your comments, thoughts, and ideas in the comment section. Looking forwarding to hearing from you all.



  1. AC says:

    I’ll sure make this the year to JUST DO IT.

    1. I am with you on this one AC, no more excuses. My goal is to bring more content to you guys. If you have any idea or a topic you want me to share please let me know. I love hearing from everyone.

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