The Soma Experience

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. I hope this year has been filled with tremendous strides with your goals. This month I wanted to start off by talking about one of my guilty pleasures in life (external self-care). As many of you know I thrive in discussing topics as self-care and self-love and seeing that I have been granted the gift of sharing with this platform (which I am forever grateful for) I thought it would be a great idea talk about my recent spa date at Soma Hammam & Spa. 

The Soma Experience:

Soma is the perfect place to step into when you need a full cleanse of your body and soul. My initial thoughts when I first entered Soma I was at awe at how cozy and bright it was. I know I know; people say that about every spa they go in, but trust me on this one. As you walk through the doors you are greeted with a table full of assorted treats and warm tea (just in time for the perfect Mani/Pedi or a facial cleansing.

The treatment I received at Soma was like no other. For those that are not familiar with the word Hammam, it is an ancient word for bath or bathing. In fact, the owner and director of the spa received this same treatment in Turkey prior to bringing this practice to her business. Hammam is considered Turkey’s oldest and traditional cleansing ritual. Hammam has evolved through time to become a sought-after spa experience.  

My Hammam Treatment: 

Hammam is a treatment or practice use in which someone else assist in bathing and scrubbing your body. Although it might sound intimate to some, it was is one of the most refreshing ways to attain relaxation. This is a 75-minute treatment in which you are required to bring your bathing suit. The spa expert will start you off by relaxing your body in a heated stone- bathing slab to help was increasing the body’s temperature, stimulating the immune system and helping the body detoxify.

Once my body was relaxed the real work began; the expert started the cleansing process using the invigorating salt scrub and finishing with a moisturizing body massage. As a person who indulges in long showers followed by intensive use of moisturizers, I was quite pleased with the result. The salt scrub really brought out the dead skin in my body and leaving me smoother than ever. The moisturizing and body massage was just what I needed, I was able to moisturize the part of my back that I can never reach on my own. As a girl who loves the warmth, cause hello!!! I am African born and raise; the heated stone-bathing slab spoke to me. You can catch me sleeping under a hundred blankets with no apology!

Glow Facial Treatment:

The second treatment I received at Soma was their glow skin facial. This is perfect for the man or woman looking for a quick face refresher before a big event. Prior to starting the treatment, I received a quick analysis of the skin by their Certified Aestheticians. Once that was completed, I started the skin treatment with a gentle exfoliation with a natural walnut shell scrub, followed by a gommagee soft peel. We finished the treatment with facial steam using witch hazel tonic. The word witch hazel brings me so much joy, cause I put that on everything!!! I left this treatment with a whole different feel about my skin. As a woman that wears makeup daily, I appreciated the glow the treatment left on my skin. I truly believe this would be the perfect addition to your skin-care routine.

I hope you enjoyed my brief recap of my time at Soma Hammam & Spa. This was an incredible experience, to say the least. I am looking forward to my next Glow Facial Treatment. I am also considering adding this as part of my external self-care treatment.

As a thank you for always supporting me and getting this far, I decided to team up with Soma Hammam & Spa to give one lucky winner a chance to experience the Soma Pedicure. If you live in the Calgary area or visiting in the near feature, I highly encourage you to enter this contest. Please check out the contest rules below.  

Contest Rules: 

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