Is L’Oréal True Match Foundation Brown Skin Girl Approved?

Hello everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. Hope you’re all enjoying the month of July so far, to the best of the imagination of course. As many of you know I spend majority of my days searching for the best makeup products that is suited for the everyday girl. I went to retailers such as Shopper’s Drug Mart, Rexall Drugstore, London Drugs, and Walmart Canada to name a few. My goal was to not only price match but also seek out the best value on each product. If you are not a Canadian native, most of these retailers listed above are probably new to you.

After testing out a few liquid foundation I finally decided to review one of my favourites. If you like these quick products review, leave a comment below of what you would like me to look into and review next.

My is Colour C9.5- click to shop your colour

Alright love as we close this blog post up the question still stand! Is the L’Oréal True Match Foundation a keeper?. I have been wearing this foundation all day everyday since the day I purchased it. I love the formula and the finish it leaves on my skin with or without a primer, powder or finishing spray. I was able to wear this foundation for more than 12 hours with no touch up (expect for nose area- which is normal for me). The formula stayed consistent throughout the day without that oily look many liquid foundation tend to have at the end of a long night. I would consider this to be a medium coverage for the everyday gal. If you’re looking for an affordable medium coverage foundation, I would recommend starting with the True Match Foundation. Link provided above for shopping.

Thank you for getting this far on the post, I truly hope you enjoyed it. Until next time selfish readers.


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