5 Random Life Hacks For The Lazy Girl

  1. Open a separate email account for all your shopping needs. Let’s be honest everyone wants a good deal while shopping, but sometimes that deal comes in an email form. It can be difficult to filter through your personal emails and all those daily emails from your fav brands. I’m not the one toContinue reading “5 Random Life Hacks For The Lazy Girl”

White After Labour Day?

  Hi everyone and welcome back to The Selfish Column. Hope everyone had great weekend doing whatever it is they love. Mine was pretty standard for the most part. I did a little bit of shopping, editing and went to one of my girlfriend’s birthday dinner. All and all it was a delightful weekend. TheContinue reading “White After Labour Day?”

Sometimes, It’s the Outer Beauty That Counts

Hi everyone, welcome back to the blog. This week I am talking about investing in your appearance. As women, we often find ourselves in the midst of so many products with little to no glue on how to use them to perfection. I am here to tell you there is no need to spend hours whenContinue reading “Sometimes, It’s the Outer Beauty That Counts”

Casual Weekend Look-Lazy Girl Edition

It’s the weekend, and were talking about casual fashion looks today on the blog. This current look was inspired by Californian men style. I stepped out of my comfort zone and accessorized more than usual without losing the concept.  Think boyfriend clothes meets date night. Hope you all enjoy this look as much as IContinue reading “Casual Weekend Look-Lazy Girl Edition”

How To Say No….Without Saying No

Have you ever wanted to just look at someone and ask them how they got so self entailed for so long?  I have always believed that people will go as far as you let them. If you don’t believe me look around study some people in your life and how they move and act toward you.Continue reading “How To Say No….Without Saying No”

Summer Look- Jeans and Turtle Neck

Details Below about where I purchased this outfit. I can’t express how much I love these Jeans. This is the second time I paired these jeans for an outfit look on this blog. This Turtle Neck top is legit EVERYTHING, I live in a city where I can wear this in the summer without sweatingContinue reading “Summer Look- Jeans and Turtle Neck”