Simple Date Night Look- Weekend Edition

This morning I woke up feeling fresh, relaxed and well rested. I will be honest, I was going to wait until my vacation ended to post something new on the blog. But today I had such a positive energy that couldn’t be put to waste. So without any holding back I poured myself a cupContinue reading “Simple Date Night Look- Weekend Edition”

Weekend Looks For The Lazy Girl

As many of you all know by now following my blog  I don’t wear much jewelry. I mean I put  the occasional rings here and there to give a little pop to my outfits, but aside from that I tend to be very minimalistic— (is that even a word)  when I accessorize. I legit struggleContinue reading “Weekend Looks For The Lazy Girl”

Five Things Every 20-Something Year Old Female Should Do

This year hasn’t even ended and I feel as if I have gone through such a tremendous transformation. Most of those changes are mainly mentally and psychologically, you know… (the personal stuff). There were a lot’s pep talks and late night thinking after my birthday regarding what I need to plan for the next few years.Continue reading “Five Things Every 20-Something Year Old Female Should Do”

Reasons Why Buying Yourself Gifts Works

This whole year I decided I would buy  myself a gift each month. These gifts can come in the forms of food ( cause food is life), travelling, shoes, household items, clothes, and of course books. The benefit of buying your own gifts is that you always get what you want. Don’t get me wrong,Continue reading “Reasons Why Buying Yourself Gifts Works”

Simple and Affordable Weekend Look

  I put this outfit together for all the summer loving on the go weekenders. As many of us know weekends can sometime be just as hectic as the weekdays.  With all the personal errands and functions we attend I find that comfort and flexibility is much needed when the sun is out.  This wholeContinue reading “Simple and Affordable Weekend Look”

5 Activites You Should Try Doing Alone

Recently I went to dinner alone and trust me, this was not something planned. This casual date night came after a long weekend of work and cleaning. I was craving Beef Carpaccio and searched high and low for someone to come with me. My one friend, who is usually down for the cause, left toContinue reading “5 Activites You Should Try Doing Alone”

7 Benefits of Being Selfish

I know what most of you are all thinking, whaaaaaat?,there is benefits to being selfish? No way!!!!!!, what can you possibly  get out of thinking about yourself without hurting those around you. My philosophy in life has always been, “you are no good to anyone if you are no good to yourself”. As young adults  IContinue reading “7 Benefits of Being Selfish”

Men’s Button Down Meets Girls’ Night

For this series I decided to showcase a little bit of myself in regards to my fashion sense. Truth be told this was a last minute outfit decision. One of my girl friends wanted to have a girls’ night out on Monday, which a I was totally down for because it was a place weContinue reading “Men’s Button Down Meets Girls’ Night”